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I was born in the spring of 1972.
In 1996 I graduated at the Bologna Fine Arts Academy, and since then the love for Beauty in all of its expressions has been guiding me along the path of my professional development.
At first I worked as a photographer, then my interest was captivated by composition and in general by the aesthetic side of this job, so I started working as a stylist.
For several years, starting in 2005, I worked for the Italian magazine Marie Claire Maison together with photographer Alessandra Ianniello – and we would like to express all our gratitude to former director Claude Jeancolas, for trusting our work and giving us great creative freedom from the very beginning.
Since 2011, while continuing the collaboration with Alessandra, I started working with Fabrizio Cicconi, a very talented photographer: together we tell stories about houses and people, portraying places that have a soul, craftsman’s workshops, and in general all that is appealing to our imagination.
Our work is published by most the important national and international magazines, and since 2011 we’ve had a special feeling and a constant collaboration with English magazine Elle Decoration UK.
All the rest is to come…